Let’s Talk About All Things Styling!

Happy Miraculous Monday Queens!

Let’s Talk about All things Styling. It's important to know your options when styling your wardrobe. 

Part of embracing your inner fashionista is finding styles and pieces of clothing that you can dress differently on any given day. Capes are a great example. Here are 4 ways you can incorporate your cape into your “outfit of the day”

Here are some examples of how to Level Up your wardrobe Looks:

  • Wear your cape as an additional layer in a casual way. Capes can be worn over a pair of plain jeans or skirt and a casual shirt. The pattern of the cape will contrast your simple attire in a complementing way.
  • Dress it up! Wear your cape over an elegant black or red dress
Adding a Belt:
  • Adding a belt to your beautiful cape with add more shape and dimension in a flattering way. Your belt color should be an undertone in the pattern of your cape.
All Black Affair:
  • If you want to really showcase your beautifully designed cape and all it has to offer, try wearing all black underneath to add a contrasting pop of color to what would normally be a casual and simple outfit
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