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👉🏾Queens Check-in
How are you feeling today Queen? If your answer was overwhelmed, tired, or burnt out, we have a tip you might find useful..

🙌🏾I completely understand. I feel the same way sometimes.

👉🏾However, if your answer was hungry.
Maybe head to the kitchen for a healthy snack or a hot cup of tea, sip on some cold water? For those of you feeling overwhelmed, you are justified in feeling this..

👉🏾But my advice to you is not to bask in this feeling. Don’t get used to it or comfortable.

👉🏾The last thing you need to do is pull out your air mattress in the “land of the overwhelmed” and make it your secondary home. Get out of there, girl..

👉🏾Instead, recognize and identify the feeling for what it is and act accordingly.

✨Ready for the good stuff? Here it goes: Slow down. That’s it. That’s the groundbreaking advice. Simple, yet it continues to hold true.

👉🏾Have you ever considered that maybe you have too much on your plate? It’s only bound to make a mess.

🙌🏾How can you possibly progress in something if you’re splitting your energy 100 different wa
✨I encourage you to take a moment to reevaluate what’s on your plate and start making space for your priorities. Don’t worry, you can always try something else when you go up for seconds.